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Dentist in Malviya Nagar Jaipur

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. A smile is everything. It can work wonders. Therefore we must work little hard to take care of our teeth to make a smile beautiful, healthy and long lasting. Oral care is a very important concern these days. There are many problems with many people. Tooth decay, gum disease, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity, tooth aches, bad breath, etc are some of the most common dental problems. Apart from these problems, there are problems like tooth cavity, stained teeth, chipped tooth, impacted teeth, cracked tooth, presence of too many teeth, crooked teeth, gap between teeth, grinding teeth, wisdom teeth problems, no room to floss, etc are also the problems which are becoming common these days. There are many reasons which are responsible behind it. The Secret lies in the habits that people follow. Those bad habits are chewing on ice, bedtime bottles and not drinking water in childhood, tongue piercings, chewing gums, consumption of soda, sports drinks, potato chips, continuous snacking, consuming coffee, smoking, etc. Here are some important tips by dentist in malviya nagar jaipur to help you prevent these problems. We all know that these are bad habits but still we are not able to help it. If you are not able to control these habits at least we must take the precautionary measures to prevent our smile from getting spoilt.

Dental Implants

Raj Dental Hospital is very well known for making dental implants in town. We have expertise in positioning the metal posts or frames. This is done with the help of a surgery. The implantation is done into the jawbone beneath your gums.

Cosmetics dentistry

Cosmetics dentistry is our forte. We use the latest technology in improving the appearance of your teeth in the manner that you never imagined. It can be done in the direction of color, position, shade, size, alignment or overall smile.

Gums treatment

Gums are the organs where there are the roots of the teeth. If there is any problem in the gums, the pain is unbearable and it is a direct threat to the teeth for entire life of yours if you are an adult. Once you come to us, you will forget all the pain.

Kids’ dentistry

Kids’ dentistry is very tricky and sensitive. However, there is a lot of technological development, but still we take care of children with lots of emotions also. When children are at our clinic, they are very happy and the treatment is like Cakewalk.


In orthodontics we take care of the diagnosis, and correction of badly positioned teeth and jaws. We also take care of the prevention of it by giving you the right suggestions and tips after the treatment. Use of latest technology by us reduces pain to higher extent.

Full mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is a treatment which is done based on an individual's requirements. The very first step the following to plan a tour very well. We offer a combination of Dental Services to carry it out and to give the best results.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges in the field of dentistry are the fixed solutions in case you have missing or damaged teeth. A crown is offered for the damage of one tooth structure and bridges are a kind of treatment for more than one tooth.

Oral cancer detection

It is very important to detect any kind of cancer at an early stage. Oral cancer detection is the eleventh most common cancer in the world. Once anybody comes to the dentist in malviya nagar jaipur, we try our best to detect it at an early stage.

Best Dentist in Malviya Nagar

Our Dental Hospital is equipped with the ultramodern equipment and we offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments with a focus on cosmetic, implant and reconstructive dentistry. Best Dentist in Malviya Nagar Jaipur combines years of experience with the vision of customer satisfaction in dentistry.

Selecting a good dentist for you and your family is very vital. Best dentists will take a personal interest in patients and their oral health. Regular dental check-ups can spot problems early. Do not hesitate from dentist to ask questions and express your fears.

Why Raj Dental Hospital  

  • Utilize Most Recent and Advanced dental Equipment and technology
  • High standards of Sterilization
  • Remarkable patient service in a warmest, friendly and clean condition
  • Appropriate time & clarity of treatment from the very first visit
  • Trouble-free techniques
  • World Class Dentistry
  • Guaranteed Caring & Pleasant Experience
  • Build the facility great dental tourism center point of India.
  • Expert Specialist Hi-tech Inventory