Treatment Offered

We offer all types of dental treatment such as Smile Enhancement by Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry. Our Hospital has experienced Oral Implantologist, dental specialists in the field of Crown and Bridge, R.C.T. and correction of irregular teeth.

Instant teeth whitening

To make yellow stained teeth whiter, instant bleaching is done.

Root Canal Treatment

R.C.T. (Root Canal Treatment) is done in single sitting with the help of Obtura-II machine imported from the USA.

Repair of broken teeth

Repair of chipped and fractured teeth is done in a way to emulate one’s natural teeth.

Discolored Teeth are made to look beautiful

Teeth badly affected by Fluorosis are made beautiful by ceramic and composite Veneers.

Gap / Diastema closure.

Spaces between teeth is closed with the help of orthodontic treatment and crown/ bridge.

Ceramic Crowns / Bridges.

Ceramic Crowns / Bridges for broken teeth to give life like beauty to them.

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